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Summer is most awaited season for mango lovers in India, as mangoes arrive in this season. Mango is the king of all fruits which gives calories, Vitamin C, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Carbohydrate and other essential contents to our body. So it’s essential to eat at this time as it gives us many benefits to remain healthy and fit. But unfortunately we can’t get mangoes throughout the year. Rajni Food Products introduced “Kengo” and initiated the process of making Mango juice & Mango pulp from their farm mangoes and started distributing around contact persons to check how it gives chill to others. Then it was welcomed by widely and received positive response from everyone due to quality we served. Meanwhile we expanded our business in western regions and till now it is widely acclaimed. After 3 years we added another product “Mango Drink” from our mangoes, again this product received lots of praises from market due to his stunning quality and taste. Rajni Food Products introduced, Kengo,the wholesome family fun: Rajani Food Products launched Kengo mango juice with 160 ml, 250ml and 400 ml packaging options. Now you can enjoy hygienic, delicious mango taste anytime! Anywhere! Kengo Kesar Mango Pulp For Kesar Mango lovers who want to taste delicious mango in the Cakes, Desserts, Drinks, Pickles, Jams and Flavored beverages; Rajni Food products introduced Kengo Kesar Mango Pulp to provide all that in one.